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PARTNER with us..

GOD DOESN'T CARE.... about man's past.  He cared enough to DIE for man's future!!

When you PARTNER with this Ministry, you are helping to build a future to feed those who have no way of hearing or receiving the Word of God without your help.  Physical and spiritual feeding the children and pastors so they can feed God's sheep.


to pay for crusades, to get the Gospel to and into the world from Nigeria, Jungles in India, Island of Malta, Egypt, USA, Belfast - Ireland


To see them healed, saved and baptised



Partners supply transport for those who would never be able to be mobile with the Gospel to the villages in India.



Vehicles to take aid into the Children's homes in Romania


To buy and supply bibles, computers and much needed education books, satchels and stationery



And to take the Gospel into places most would not go... Belfast Ireland

With your help, we want to reach many more countries.

Please check our TESTIMONIES page to see the miracles of God at work...

Help this ministry to go further than before and set the captives free.... thank you In Jesus Name. Be Blessed.