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Healed of Cerebral Palsy





Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I was born with cerebral palsy and scoliosis, curvature of the spine. These physical conditions result in daily leg and back pain as well as limited mobility. Currently I use crutches and a wheelchair. Recently during, services held in the USA, led by Adrian, the power of God touched my leg. I was able to stand and take two steps. I was also pain free for several hours.

I am trusting God for the manifestation of a complete physical healing.


Dear Pastor Adrian,

Hope this letter blesses you in your ministry for the Lord. My two friends were very blessed at the meetings - they have both had associations with the Mormon Church but the Lord really touched them at the Calvary Church meetings when you were here. Also my friend John (who brought his son with the hearing problem). Well - his son is coming on just fine and John is feeling marvellous. - he just felt so different after you had prayed for him.


Dear Pastor Adrian,

I hope that you remember me, I'm the Mormon (EX!) that you led to the Lord tonight at Calvary Church. It's the early hours of Monday morning now, I should be tired but I'm not. I'm far to excited to sleep. I've been a Christian for a couple of hours but I know that God has wrought a mighty miracle in my life, the burden of guilt for sin has left me. The condemnation I thought I would be under for leaving the Mormon Church just is not there. I no longer feel that I am in bondage. You spoke to us tonight about fearing the Lord. I feared Him, I feared that He would send me into eternal damnation, if I ever strayed from Mormonism. But now I know that just isn’t true, I've spent the past 10 years fearing the Lord in the wrong way.

I thought I knew God and that I had a personal relationship with His Son, but I didn't and I don't but I know I'm going to.

10 years ago, before I joined the Mormon church I was a drug addict, I constantly sought solace out of a bottle and I was a prostitute. I've carried the burden for those sins and the feeling of being filthy before God all these years, but tonight I know that I am forgiven and that the Lord has said to me 'go and sin no more'. I stand in awe at what God has done for me tonight. The desolation and despair I've felt over the years that often led me to attempt to take my own life, they've gone! And in their place is a feeling of Peace, instead of, saying I want to die. I feel glad to be alive! A new and wonderful feeling to me, I used to doubt God's Love for me because of the life I had lead, but now I know He loved me even then, Praise His Wonderful Name! I've never said that before, it feels goods.

I know that I'm a new Christian and that I have a lot to learn and a few things in my life that need sorting, but I have some good Christian friends who will encourage and support me and above all a Heavenly Father who loves me.

May God bless you in your ministry and in your life.

P.S. I am a lovely person, you got me to say that tonight after a little persuasion, and I've come to the conclusion that if God thinks I'm a lovely person then I must be!


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