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  God said.. He watches over His Word to perform it.. Jeremiah 1:12







Here (above) you can see 10's of thousands of needy people that came every night of a 10 day healing crusade. Jesus not only set them free from man's bondage, but from the devils also.  Praise God!

It does not matter what language you speak, JESUS' HEALING is the same all over the world.

The only lasting answer to our problems is Jesus the Son of the Living God.



In Prague we did a fourteen day Healing Crusade where tens of thousands came every day to the meetings. Many miracles happened and thousands put up their hands to receive the Lord as their Saviour. When we had prayed for the sick, many in wheelchairs did not get healed straight away, and some did. Those that did not I asked to stay and wait until we could minister to them again.

This young lady was one of them. She had been in a car accident when she was 11 years old, and it had severed her spine, she was now 32 years old. When I asked her if she had become a Christian she said yes. She put up her hand and prayed the prayer of repentance and proudly showed me the bible she had been given afterwards. Something inside, however, told me that despite the cross she was wearing around her neck, and her praying the prayer of repentance and the bible she now held to her chest, she was not saved.

I struggled inside for a long time, and then said ‘Look, all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. This sin now separates us from God, and condemns us to Hell. The wages of our sin is death. The only way back is when we understand this and plead for forgiveness through Jesus, God’s only Son, and acknowledge that Jesus is The Way, and the ONLY way back to God. Not Allah, or Buddha, or Mary, or Mohamed, or by being good, or the cross. But only through Jesus who died on that cross for our sins.

She started to cry and ask God for forgiveness through His Son, Jesus Christ. Then she jumped up out of her wheelchair and said that her back was on fire. I said ‘Look you’re walking! You are healed.’ By understanding what Jesus had done for her and then came into true repentance, she was made whole in body, soul and spirit, just like Jesus did when He walked on the earth.

John 3:14

Just like when Moses lifted up the brass snake on the pole, so should the Son of Man be lifted up that whoever looks to Him shall have everlasting life.




Nothing else should be lifted higher than our Lord Jesus.


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