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Success in Belgium

Full Gospel Business Mens Fellowship International


At the beginning of March I fulfilled a promise to my dear wife in accepting an invitation to speak in Izegem, Belgium. I had been there many years before, and was slightly apprehensive about returning at such a difficult time, but knew God had big plans in store.


Little did I know how big.


I had been invited by Rik and Sabine Van Neste, who were leading the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International meeting from 8th to the 10th March. They had publicised the event, and there appeared to be a good turn out. Having already been there several years earlier, I was surprised that many people were still talking about our last trip over. They had been so deeply impacted the anointing brought over to them, that they hadn’t stopped witnessing about it since!




God blessed me with a great anointing to teach the Word, and set people free. I was also blessed with a wonderful interpreter, who was of such a willing spirit to serve, and maintain the accuracy of the teaching being brought. After the teaching I made an alter call, and virtually everyone came forward for prayer. Many people were prayed for and set free of illness, and addiction.


We were all so blessed, including my daughter Vanessa, and her friend Anita, and Walter the Ministry Administrator. The two girls came with me, to help and serve during the meetings, and were a blessing to both myself and everyone around them. They were full of fire for God as they served and watched God’s Hand move over these peoples lives. They were blessed by all around them, blessed for their willingness to serve.


One woman in particular who stood out for me, was a fairly young woman, who came forward for prayer. She was saying that her back hurt, but there wasn’t anything that could be done. As I waited for the interpreter to pass translate the conversation, I sat her down on a chair and put her heals together. There was a good 3 inches difference between the lengths of her legs. Before the conversation could be fully translated I commanded the leg to grow in Jesus Name. To the woman's’ shock, and indeed the interpreters too, the woman’s shorter leg grew the full 3 inches, and was now the same length as her other leg. As she stood up, she place her hand on her back, and I continued to pray over her for full healing and freedom from pain. The interpreter then explained to me, the reason she was in pain with her back and legs was because she had a partial hip replacement, where part of her hip bone had been removed and metal pins put in it’s place. This woman was now totally free from pain, having received a full healing. She is going to her Doctors to get an x-ray of her hip, as proof of God’s goodness. I believe, as does she, that her hip has been completely restored, and that the pins have been supernaturally removed from her body. Praise God,! We will keep you posted as to her testimony as soon as we receive it.


Another young woman who came forward, looked older than she was. She was addicted to drugs, and was slowly loosing her life to them. As she came forward with her male friend, the power of God’s love fell upon this woman and set her completely free from drugs. When she came to the meeting the next day she glowed and looked like a different woman. She had been set free from addiction, and set free from her bondage. Her face shone with God’s goodness for all to see, and she basked in it. Rik has informed me that this young woman is still walking in her freedom, and has fully surrendered herself to Jesus, making Him her Lord and Saviour. She eagerly awaits our return to Belgium.


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