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 God said...He watches over His Word to perform it...Jeremiah 1:12

The blessing of serving God, is the privilege of seeing lives being restored, healed and set free, whether  in crusades of tens of thousands, or one to one on one trip to Romania I was stopped in a village in the mountains called Faget, by an old lady wanting medicine for terrible stomach pains, as we don't  carry medicine I asked if I could pray for her.



God completely healed her and very soon the village turned out for prayer.

This lady asked if I would pray for her Father who was crippled because of Thrombolysis which causes him great pain.


The biggest problem she said, 'he does not believe in God, after Jesus set him free and healed him.  The whole family got saved and as you can, they are reading the Word of God for the first time.

What a mighty God we serve!!

Scoliosis Straightened


While I was waiting for travel permission from customs I met a couple, Alex and Camilia. They helped taking paperwork and things to the officials on the border for me.

During a conversation with Ron, Alex and Camilia found out how God had healed him of heart problems at one of our meetings and his daughter , Lucy, of scoliosis, which is a deformity of the spine causing it to be ‘S’ shaped. She and Alex asked me to go to dinner with them at their apartment and explain more.

We sat down and ate , then I asked if they had a bible in Romanian. This they eventually found, brushed the dust off it and I was able to show them how God wants to heal today as He did then, if they would only do it His way.

I then prayed with Camilia as it says in Mark 16: 18, “…..lay hands on the sick and they will recover.” God touched her, she said that she felt like electric shocks ran down her spine. Next I prayed with Alex (who did not believe because he’s too macho for that sort of thing) and God did the same to him and he could not stop talking about it all night.

The next day I was with Vali at the car taxation office. Now this place is run by Ali Baba and his forty thieves—a woman in this case. She has a thing with the local police whereby she pays them to turn a blind eye and you can get whatever you want if you have enough money. Vali and I were there concerning the tax on a vehicle he had. Alex came in waving an X-ray of Camilia’s spine.

They had gone to the hospital that morning and had it X-rayed and it was straight now. When Alex shared their testimony with the tax collectors and sinners revival broke out , they all wanted prayer. They also asked me to go back at a later date to hold a meeting for families and friends.

Alex gave me Camilia’s X-rays of before and after.

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