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God said...He watches over His Word to perform it...Jeremiah 1:12


Testimony – Alex Adusei Agyemang

I had the privilege of been born again at a very young age with great revelation and insights into the word of God ,our authority as believers and the gift of righteousness made available to us through Christ but four years ago when I met my fiancée, I rejected wisdom and indulged in sexual sins. I felt so bad but still didn’t repent. God still blessed me and granted me a scholarship to do a joint masters in Europe ( Spain, Portugal and UK).When in Portugal, Jesus appeared to me in a dream. I couldn’t see his face since his brightness was so tremendous to behold but he said a lot of things to me and told me at the end that I must make sure I win the fight. Initially, I thought he meant endurance never did I know it was in connection to what was to come. And by this I mean me opening a loop hole for the devil to touch me by rejecting wisdom (The bible says that the child of God keepeth himself and the evil one toucheth him not). Everything went on normal till I moved to UK. I came back to my senses and repented when I entered UK but the guilt of my past sins created fear in me. In January, 2014, an image appeared in my room for three consecutive nights. It was at the same exact time on each night ( On all those three nights I couldn’t breathe when the image appeared in my room. All I could do was to say Jesus Jesus but at a very low tone.  On the third day of the attack, God opened the eyes of my spirit and I vividly saw my locked door opening and the image entering my room. When I came back to my senses, the door that I just saw been opened was now locked. The next day I and my friend prayed and forbid the evil spirit to enter my room and after that day the devil couldn’t enter again. A week after the spiritual attack, I started experiencing severe lower abdominal pains which with time moved to my genitals ,with swelling of lymph nodes at my neck, back of my head and left side of collar bone(virchow’s node). I went to the hospital but month after month they couldn’t  diagnose the problem so they opted to schedule an ultra sound which I am yet to even do but deep down I knew the cause of all this and knew if Jesus doesn’t come in , I was certainly going to die. This is because everything was pointing to cancer(swollen virchow’s node). I proclaimed my faith and the severe pains decreased in intensity but still I wasn’t at all well. God being so good I came across Pastor Adrian so I visited him at Redditch. Before he ministered to me ,he said something that cleared by doubts and strengthened my faith to receive from God. He said God won’t put you through sickness or allow you to be sick for you to learn from it because he has the Holy Spirit for that.  I had always known and believed that evil doesn’t come from God but the devil and as children of God we open the door for the devil  through sin or our ignorance of who we are in Christ Jesus. My problem was though I knew my sickness was from the devil, I thought God has allowed it so I learn from it but the message of Pastor Adrian cleared my doubts and positioned me to receive my healing from God through his prayers. After he praying for me, all the severe pains in my abdomen  and genitals went away and I haven’t been this well for the past five months. I have been healed and I know after some days my swollen nodes will shrink back to their normal size . Jesus is the same today, yesterday and forever and God loves us so much. Every good thing come from him and is his will to prosper and heal us because in actual fact he healed us 2000 years ago through Christ. For by his stripes we were healed.


My name is Gail.
I attend our church every Sunday. I can only describe Adrian (our Pastor) and his wife Mandy as wonderful people.
I suffered from severe back pain affecting my hip and leg. My condition prevented me from doing activities I really enjoyed, particularly when I felt at my worst.
A couple of weeks ago I struggled to get to church, but with God’s will I got there. At the end of the service Adrian placed his hand on the painful area and we prayed. I felt the pain lifting, and since then it has gone!! There is only an odd twinge now and again.
You see, I didn’t need a doctor, just God’s healing who, we know is there for us always.
Praise the LORD, He never fails us.

Before I found my daddy I lived a dark life full of curses. I spent 14  years in depression on drugs, suffered infertility,chronic fatigue and mild heart problems. I came to god at rock bottom,broken inside and out. Daddy forgave me put me under his wings blessed me and healed me. 18 Months depression free. 8 Months drug free. No fatigue or heart issues and by the grace of our faithful father I am now pregnant with my second child. Praise god he is awesome. Natalie Smith 27 xx

Renata Tomata

Mandy :) I prayed today, and I told God about my life, I told him of all my pain and all my sins and all my fears and torments, and I cried for him to forgive me. I told Him I love Him with all my heart and that there has been a void in my life without Him that I have been trying to fill, but never found. I said I need him in my life, I love him and I am devoting my life to Him and Him only. That his love and forgiveness are all consuming, that I can never be more grateful for his love, for the fact that I have finally come to known him. And I wept, tears and tears of joy and sadness and of my sorry, and he came to me?!! Mandy He came to me!! I cried and then its like a felt a wave of peace sweep over me!! I stopped crying and it felt like all the sudden everything was calm!!! Like sunshine amidst a storm!! And I stopped crying!! I felt Him there!! It was as if he was telling me to stop crying, that he will heal the pain, he will wipe away my tears!?! And I promised my life to Him, I said from this moment I am his, I know he has a plan and I love him and trust him without question!! I felt him!! I felt him here!!! I feel so calm, so wonderfuly calm so free of fear!!! Oh Mandy thankyou so deeply much for your support!! Xxxx


Dear Pastor Adrian
I just had to write and tell you about how the Lord has blessed me.
I have always tithed, even when I was on Job Seekers Allowance; I always honoured God.
Then the Lord blessed me with a job which was only for six months covering maternity leave, but I was grateful to God for the job anyway. But due to some errors during coming off benefits with the government etc., my finances suffered whereby it affected my tithe and I prayed to God asking Him to help me with my finances; as I wanted to tithe correctly and I told God it meant so much to me to do it right. I told God I needed so much money to see me over till I get paid as I didn’t want to use my overdraft.
Two days later I got a letter through my door from the College I am attending, telling me that they have a cheque waiting for me to get some stationery for the course I am on. Well the course if nearly finished with one week to go. So I thought ok, so I went to the College and went to pick up my cheque thinking maybe it was £20 or £30 for a pad and some pens etc.
When I got the cheque it was for £150; it was more than enough to get me to my pay day and I shouted out ..... ‘This is the favour of the Lord’and people around me just stared at me wondering what the fuss was, but I just smiled and ran in the toilets and started thanking God for his faithfulness; and to top it off, I went to work today and the boss said she was really pleased with me asked me whether I would like to stay on permanently.
What an Awesome God....
I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH PASTOR ADRIAN for teaching me the TRUTH of God’s Word over the years, bless you.
I wrote this letter to anyone who cares to read it to encourage you in your tithing and giving. When you honour God, He honours you right back.
Lots of love to my brothers and sisters


I Chose Life

Cath Bartlett




Psalm 118:17-18 "I will Live and not die and proclaim what the Lord has done, He has punished me severely, but He has not let me die".

In June 2003 we moved from Northumberland to Redditch because of my husband John's work, our youngest grandchild was just over a year old, so with a heavy heart we moved but I must own up to asking the question "WHY?". Little did I know what God's plan was for me.


I was walking through Redditch market one day and I followed this Heavenly music which led me to a Kiosk call "The Tythebarn", Caroline was behind the counter praising God, she invited me along to the Tuesday night meeting at Abundant Life Church.


I had been a Methodist since childhood (over 50 years), and quite set in my ways regarding Worship so it was a bit of a shock when I had a tambourine thrust into my hand, "Help! what was expected of me?" The following Sunday was so uplifting in many ways, I had never raised my arms in Worship or fallen on the floor touched by the "Holy Spirit" "Whow!" I was on my way to being blessed in Jesus Name.


I can honestly say "Thank God" for the "Faith" teaching we receive because when I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (cancer of the lymph glands), fluid around my heart and lungs and a large tumour on my left lung I said to the consultant "Thank God I've got God in my life", his reply was "you are going to need Him". It was at this point in my life that the head knowledge became reality, I came to know God not just as Lord and Saviour but as my healer and deliverer.


It was whilst John was visiting me in hospital and I'd been told I was very ill that John asked me to whom I wanted to leave my Jewelry, I sat up and said "I’M GOING TO WEAR IT!" he replied "point taken" (bless him he had to cancel his Maserratti Ha! Ha!). It was at this point "I CHOSE LIFE".


Yes I had to have surgery (and I received excellent care) but I know it was the prayers of the saints and being encouraged by my Pastor Adrian and my spiritual family that enabled me to stand on God's promises and strengthened my Faith in Him.


Due to my illness I lost l½ stones in weight "HALLELUJAH", I really didn't mind losing my hair I was issued with a wig that made me look 10 years younger (YES!!).


Sometime after leaving hospital John told me he had been told I only had 3 weeks to live. I believe my refusal then and now to allow Satan to destroy my life sustained me and continues to do so as I daily speak God's word of healing and life over me. "I WILL LIVE AND NOT DIE!". God has indeed shown me Great Mercies.



In God’s Time

Catherine Beverley

I have been coming to Abundant Life Full Gospel church for 16 years.

I had always wondered what my purpose in life was, why was I created? Why at this time?

When I became born again I found the answer. I was created for such a time as this, to allow God to work through me, to save many, many people from going to hell. To tell them the truth and the truth will set them free.

From a very young age I would pray to God for my husband, whoever he may be. I would ask God to keep him safe and make sure that we meet. I have learnt that all good things come to those who patiently wait on the Lord. I can’t say that I waited patiently 100% of the time, but God knows me and my heart. Needless to say God had the perfect husband and best friend waiting for me, when Gods timing was right.

I have to say that God answers prayers, no matter how knowledgeable or how much faith you have. God is no respecter of persons. I am not perfect, but my Dad looks after me and hears my prayers daily.

He will do it for you too!


Deliverance & Forgiveness

Melissa Henderson

My deliverance from an eating disorder

I do not know when my eating disorder started, but I do know when I first realised that I had one. My friend was talking about food and going on a diet which made me realise that I wasn’t eating and I was only eating when I was around other people so that they would not notice. When I did eat on these occasions I felt physically sick.

Whenever I ate I felt guilty because I thought I did not deserve to have food. I was repulsed by food and under condemnation whenever I ate, I was also fearful of getting fat and being repulsive in both mine and others sight, as I was previously taunted and bullied about this by my ex partner.

My deliverance came when my friend laid hands on me and prayed for me to be filled as I was an empty vessel. My flesh could not take it and I went out in the holy spirit. When I came round I felt a bit saddened at first, but by the evening I felt 100 times better and had the urge to go out and buy the biggest bar of chocolate I could find and eat the whole bar. I have had no problem with food or eating since that day.

Forgiving My Ex Partner

My ex partner was not the nicest of people, he used to emotionally abuse and torture me. He made me feel totally inadequate and a waste of space. He controlled everything I did; from where I went, to what I wore, to who my friends were. He made me move away from my friends and family so I only had him. Because of how he treated me I became obese and very depressed.

Even after we had separated he continued to do this. After two years I couldn’t take any more, so I found a little bit of courage and asked him to leave and never return. At this point I was petrified of him because he had started to push me around. Up until November 2005 I could never have forgiven him for what he had done to me . I would have lashed out at him if I had seen him because of all the anger and resentment I felt towards him.

In November 2005 I turned to God as I felt as if I had been backed into a corner and had no where to run. I wanted to receive healing for my back but before I could I had to forgive him. I knew that I couldn’t do it on my own so I asked the Lord to help me forgive. After hours of praying and going through the memories I was holding on to, the Lord told me to read Ephesians 4:32– Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. After all this I was exhausted and drained so I went to bed.

The next morning I woke up light, like a big heavy weight had been lifted. I no longer feel angry or resentful towards him. Now I do not need to worry how I am going to react when I see him because the Lord helped me forgive him and took all my pain, suffering and resentment away.


My Ears Are Opened




Scott Beverley

As a child I had regular visits to the doctors with ear wax problems, I was even referred to an overnight stay at the Hospital for more effective treatment.

At no stage did anyone tell me that I had a problem with my hearing.

Having talked to my Mam recently she always thought I was a little bit deaf but we never raised any issues and just got on with our lives and ignored it.

As years have gone by it has started to frustrate me and others, no one more so than my wife as she has had to put up with me reading subtitles on every television program. People were always having to repeat what they said as I did not here them the first time.

Before I became a born again Christian I had made an appointment with the local doctor as I was keen on getting to the root of the problem and eventually hoping to find a cure.

After the consultation I was referred to see a specialist at the hospital. There was a waiting list and I eventually saw the specialist about eight months later, during which time I had been saved and discovered the Word and the healing powers of God. I still visited the hospital however as I was intrigued to find out how bad my hearing really was. After the test I was told the problem with my hearing was caused by the nerves in my ear drums not functioning properly and the only cure was to have an earring aid in each ear. It was a problem 1 in 1500 people suffered from.

The nurses and the doctor were very apologetic and felt sorry for me. But I was continually smiling and was filled with joy at the prospect of what I knew God would do for me. I told them not to worry.

Later the same week Adrian and Brian both prayed for me & I was healed instantly. My hearing feels as though the volume has been turned up and the sound is clear. Hallelujah!

I now refuse to watch any more subtitles and I have written to the hospital to advise my hearing is now normal through the healing power of God.

I praise and thank the Lord with all my heart in Jesus name.


Help In A Time Of Need


Maria Maserati

I was having a normal week, money was very tight and I was struggling - the norm really. But this week was particularly difficult as I didn’t have a lot of food in. I had been going to church for a few weeks at this point, and had made a really good friend there who I have regular contact with. I do find it very difficult to be able to talk in a group as I cant do it with my family, so I just keep things quiet and not through choice keep myself to myself.

This particular Sunday no one knew the panic and worry that was inside me as all I had in to eat for my son and me was some portions of fish, some beans, and some chips I keep in for odd occasions. I enjoyed the service as always, and we were about to get ready to leave for home when our pastor Adrian Guest handed me an envelope. I had no idea what it was going to be inside either. I was much more surprised, astonished, shocked, and amazed at what was inside looking up at me. I was speechless as I pulled out £50 worth of Tesco vouchers. The relief that I felt inside just went, I was saved.

The next day my son and me enjoyed going to Tesco to buy some food, and then to be able to chose was fantastic, we didn’t know what to get! This food that we were able to buy will last for ages, as there is only two of us, and it has helped no end. So thank you to my friend Jesus.

God Bless our church.

In the beginning when I first started to come to church my mind was focussed only on being healed, from an illness that had full control over whether I was happy and what I chose to do in day to day life. Then I began climbing a ladder, a ladder that meant being closer to a close friend, now looking back. My illness doesn’t matter. I am not yet healed, but I will be in time. My hearty is following something far greater, which has control over me in a much more positive way. I never would have thought I would be saying these words, that I have found a friend so powerful and loving who loves me for being me. All he asks is that I give him my heart for him to look after, and for me to love others the way that he loves me. I want to say thank you for all who have opened my eyes to a new life. Now I am starting to feel happier in myself, for just living. Living with a friend who is always with me.

Thank you.



Our Miracle Baby Kieran

I have always believed in God and Jesus and have always believed that He died for my sins, and that if we confess our sins then He will forgive us, but 25 years ago I finally bowed the knee to Him for the first time, and said I would be a disciple of His. Even so I have been troubled with evil spirits for most of my life - it was as though they followed me round wherever I went.

Looking back I suppose I had a familiar spirit from a young age, as if from birth, although I know of no occult or spiritualist involvement in my family. I have been ministered to on two occasions in the past for demonic activity, I knew that my deliverance was not complete. The experiences and promises that others received from the Lord seemed to pass me by; I witnessed with the greatest difficulty. I was subject to depression on a regular basis, sometimes for weeks at a time, and I had a compulsion to eat whenever I saw food.

Over the last 2 years the Lord has been good to me. The depression became less of a problem, and He dealt with the anger that went with it. A local pastor prayed against a spirit of fear and I was released from that, and I prayed for someone who had hurt me very greatly to receive a blessing from God and coupled with my forgiveness for that person I was delivered of a spirit of gluttony - but still I knew I was not completely delivered.

I heard about the meetings at which Pastor Adrian was speaking and went to one. My wife followed on after work and arrived as the meeting was finishing. We actually left the church, got in the car and started for home. To get home we had to pass the church , and this point the battle within me became too great; I parked the car opposite the church and we went back to be prayed for.

Pastor Adrian gave us a word of knowledge about a future ministry which confirmed what God had already shown us. Then he prayed against a Spirit of Witchcraft, and at once I felt weak and the floor went up in front of me throwing me backwards. The spirit left me - and when I was able to get up I began to realise that I am at last delivered completely. I have a new power of witness and am no longer afraid of what the Lord wants to do with us (We had planned to seek ministry at a later date).

What more can I say? The Lord is good to those who trust Him and wait upon Him. He confuses our own plans with better plans of His own if only we will trust Him.

My wife, Janet, was also delivered at the same time from spiritual bondage and no longer has asthma which has ruled her life for 38 years.

There are 2 things I would like to share - firstly - God made Me responsible for my wife's welfare. She had no feeling of need for prayer, it was my place to take her. I nearly neglected my duty and failed her. Husbands - take note, you are responsible for your wives.

Secondly - God confounded our plans in a breathtaking act of deliverance. I have always been a reluctant servant of the Lord, but He took our plans and accelerated them. Everyone - take note, He knows best.

'Praise Him for all His wonderful works'. I will start by telling you that JESUS can save life, including yours.

On the 23rd January, my husband and I received some great news, we found out that I was pregnant. In finding this out I made an appointment at Birmingham General Hospital to see Dr. Davies, who is a heart specialist. I have had Aortic Stenosis since birth, which is a narrowing of the valves.

Dr. Davies suggested going to have some tests done, to see exactly how strong my heart was, he told me to return a week later for the results.

On returning I was told my heart was nowhere near strong enough to cope with the baby. He informed me it would be wise to have an abortion, in fact he was quite set on the fact that I should get rid of the baby. He also said that if I did not get rid of the baby, both myself and the baby would be dead by the time I would be seven months pregnant, because my heart would not be able to cope with strain. On refusing to kill an innocent infant, I enquired what the alternative was.

He said that there was only one alternative, that was to have open heart surgery. He warned me the baby would more than likely die through the operation anyway.

The operation involved cutting the top of the aortic valve, which then enables the blood to flow quickly and well enough for me to live.

In the end, I decided that I would have the operation, I had a lot of prayer before, because I felt that my faith was not strong enough for healing to take place.

I was told by my pastor at Abundant Life Full Gospel Church, that God would meet me where my faith was, so I knew that all would be well when the operation went ahead. I was only a baby Christian of 5 months.

After the operation it was only 5 days till I returned home, although the doctors said it would be about two to three weeks at least. They also said I would be in intensive care for one week and I was only in there for 3 hours.

Two weeks after the operation, I was given a scan to check the baby was alright, JESUS proved them all wrong. The baby was fit and very well.

I am writing this now at 36 weeks of pregnancy, and PRAISE GOD, the baby is still alive.

When the doctors and nurses found out that the baby was still alive, they said it would take a miracle to have a natural birth, and said it was definitely by caesarean section.

PRAISE GOD! There is no way we'd be here today without GOD, on October 15th 1992 at 8.21 pm I delivered a little, healthy, 8 lb 2 oz baby boy.

I was monitored all the way through, There were no problems whatsoever and the doctors were very pleased with my condition.

The baby was delivered by Forceps, so the process was speeded up.

THANK YOU JESUS, for Kieran, we are both very grateful.


M.E. Healing




Dear Pastor Adrian,

In 1987 when I was 14 my Doctor diagnosed me as having M.E. (sometimes known as Post Viral Syndrome). It is a debilitating illness which affects people in many different ways, the main symptoms being tiredness, aches and pains and muscle weakness.

Unfortunately there isn’t any medical treatment available and the only thing Doctors are able to prescribe is ‘rest’. I suffered from headaches and tiredness and as I had difficulty in walking and concentrating I wasn’t able to attend school.

I became a Christian when I was 13 and during my illness I knew God was right beside me each day, although there were times when I asked Him why I was ill and unable to enjoy life as my friends did.

After about two years I felt a little better and returned to school to take some GCSE’s. The staff were very supportive and encouraging, but after a few months I began to feel very tired, especially when walking. It was at this time that Pastor Adrian Guest visited Church, Royton, where I attended a young Peoples’ Bible Study.

I can clearly remember Pastor Adrian saying that God wanted me fit, clean and healthy and that my ME wasn’t from God but from Satan. When he invited people to go forward for prayer I knew God wanted me to go. Adrian prayed that I would be completely healed of my illness and that the demon M.E would depart. It was beautiful as I experienced God’s Holy Spirit healing through me, sweeping away my ME.

Then from that point my legs became strong and now I enjoy nothing better than long walks. School too wasn’t any problem and now I’m in the Upper Sixth, taking ‘A’ levels this Summer with view to studying Theology at University.

Years ago I never imagined it possible that I would be going to University but I underestimated God’s love for me and His ability to do anything. God has healed me from M.E and He continues to protect and love me day by day; for this I give Him thanks.


In November 2000 I was admitted to Countess General Hospital in Chester, where due to me having Leukaemia, I relapsed, and was in absolute tremendous pain all over my body.

I was administered my dosage of Diamorphine to which was allowed to me and which took no effect whatsoever. I was so scared I thought my time had come to leave this world.

When I realised I had the handkerchief (prayer cloth), which I grabbed and rubbed it all over my body, within a matter of no time the pain had gone, it was like nothing had happened.

I do believe this is a miracle and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart as I do believe if it was not for the handkerchief (prayer cloth) I would not be here now.

All my family and friends would also like to thank you. Especially my wife and children. We are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary on 28/08/01. Believe me my handkerchief (prayer cloth) will be with me always and forever.

Thank you so much

Mr L. French
Buckley, Wales.


John & Sue Johnson

Dear Pastor Adrian,

In 1984 I bought 15 acres of land adjoining our farm. Because I was 50 the mortgage company said I must have a medical before they would let me have the money. They sent me to a doctor that did not know me. After the medical the doctor said I was in good health, but a cataract was forming on one of my eyes. The Bible tells us to be careful what we listen to; so when I walked out his surgery I rebuked the curse that had just been spoken over me, in Jesus name, and thanked Him that HE HIMSELF TOOK OUR INFIRMITIES AND CARRIED AWAY OUR DISEASES. (Matthew 8:17, 1 Peter 2:24) When I got home my wife asked me how I had got on, I told her that the doctor said I had a small problem but that I had dealt with it, I would repeat what the doctor had said.

Six years later I needed new glasses because mine had got very scratched, I went to an optician to have an eye test, he said my eyes were very good, no change needed. I asked him is there any sign of a cataract? He said, no. I said PRAISE GOD and told him what the doctor had said. He then said you most likely will have a cataract. I said, "In Jesus name, I will not!" Last year (1999) I needed another pair of glasses so I went to a different optician. She said, "Mr Johnson, I have good news for you. Your one eye is a little stronger." I asked was there any sign of a cataract, no was the reply. It is now 17 years since I originally saw the doctor. Mark 11:24 Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.


Hi, my name is Anita Patel.

I attended your Healing Seminar on Saturday 24.2.96 and it was excellent to hear both of you speak. God is so good. He uses us all so beautifully. First of all I just want to say I am completely healed, well I had abnormal cells, also something else (I don't know what) was wrong with me in my womb. Actually I had, had prayer in Tenerife, I used to live in Tenerife for 3 years, that's where I became born again. Praise God I was healed in Tenerife, this was 9 months ago, but when I had a smear done here in Cardiff they said, I still had abnormal cells. Well, I rebuked it, stood on Gods word! Peter 2: 24 helped me a lot, and I knew my God had healed me. Thank you for praying for me.

I also have an urging to see millions of people healed, delivered, set free from the devil, and come to know our precious Lord Jesus Christ, they don't know what they are missing.


Dear Pastor Adrian,

I am writing to tell you that when I went to Bethesda Church where you and your team came. I want to tell you it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was not only healed from the Cancer but I was also born again. I know God has forgiven me of my sins and I know that I was healed from the Cancer and Arthritis is not as bad. But all I know is that God is all I want in my life and to be able to tell others of His wonderful love and for His forgiveness of sins when we truly believe and repent. It is wonderful to know that God loves us so much and its more wonderful to know that no matter how much we have sinned, in our lives, it is wonderful to know that He forgives us when we ask Him to come into our lives and to know that we do not have to pay to be forgiven.

Praise God, Amen.


Dear Pastor Adrian,

Just before Christmas a friend of ours brought us to your Fellowship one Sunday. It was a very blessed and encouraging time for us as during the course of the meeting you prayed for us for proxy healing of our daughter Penny, who had been told by the doctor that she had rheumatoid arthritis. When I spoke to her on the telephone she had been healed! The Lord also gave you words of prophecy over us which were absolutely 'spot on' although you knew nothing of our lifestyle.

Today I really felt that the Lord wanted me to write a letter of encouragement to you.


Dear Pastor Adrian,

About three years ago a small skin cancer was diagnosed on the front of my right leg, which was treated at the hospital by burning it out within 6 weeks it was completely healed.

Then about 12 months ago I noticed another one had appeared on the inside of the same leg, I was sent back to the hospital to see the skin doctor, and had the same treatment , but this one seemed different much bigger, and much more prominent, more like a wart. It seemed to heal alright for a time, but came back again a bright red mark with a white scab.

I told my daughter Lynn who is in your congregation and she approached Adrian. Lynn sent me a handkerchief which had been prayed over and a Bible with instructions as to what I had to do, which I did do with great belief and confidence. Within a few days the scab became loose and I lifted it off, the red mark had definitely turned PINK. Each day it is getting smaller and I know that it will completely disappear, to my great relief.

My many, many thanks to Adrian and his congregation and Jesus for this wonderful blessing.

Thank You. Jean. H.




God's protection



Pete & Lucy West




This is the testimony of a young couple in our church. They decided, after seeing many die or severely disabled by the recommended immunisation, not to put to put their new-born child Steven at risk. For instance vitamin K is now linked causing Leukaemia in children in later life. Because of this concern they decided to put their faith in God's protection rather than let their son be another statistic of man's blunders. Lucy is now pregnant with their second child and I will let them tell you the story from here.


I went along to the doctor’s surgery at Church Hill Centre; which is just around the corner from my house. I went over to register with them as I am pregnant with our second child. While we were there filling in the forms we thought it would be a good idea if we registered our son Stephen.



We had then to go back to the doctors a couple of weeks later, just for an interview to see whether or not they would take us on as patients. In the interview, the doctor asked me why I didn't have my son immunised, so told him that it was totally against everything that we believe in as Christians. He then went on to tell me the reason why they recommend that children are immunised, and if they aren't immunised then there could be a risk of all these diseases and infections coming out across the world again.

Anyway, he went on to ask, "If your son had a very bad chest infection what would you do?", so the only thing that I could say was, "we would pray for him." At this point he had a very strange expression on his face and responded with, "if you, your friends and everyone in your church prayed for him, and nothing changed would you bring him to the doctors or take him to the hospital?" To which my response was, "If we were told to then, yes, we would!” He then asked us "if who told you?" All that I could say was, If God told us to, then we would." He didn't say anything, but he had a frown on his face and he then finally said that he would have to have a meeting with his partners to see whether they would take us on, because he said that as far as he was concerned I was a risk patient. So a week later, I phoned them to find out the answer. All that this doctor said was this, "we have decided that we are not taking you on as a patient, as you are a risk, because you will not have your child and your next child immunised. As you already have a doctor we aren't leaving you in the lurch, but if you didn't have a doctor it would not be a problem!"

All that I can say is don't let doctors blackmail you into doing something you believe is wrong, and against what God says. It is hard but you will reap the harvest of standing against it standing for what is right.

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