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Genesis 14:14  When Lot and Abraham’s family was taken captive. He called for 318 able bodied men that were born in his household to go and get all that was stolen from him.  He knew that they were able bodied men because they had proved to him before in battle. 

One of the ways they had been trained was to be tithers and givers.  One of the first things they did was after the victory v :17 was to give a tithe of all they had got to Melchezedek.  In the same way one of the first ways we show GOD our capability for doing the job HE asks us to do, is to show our character of faithfulness by how we give and tithe.

Mark 10:17 JESUS speaks to the ruler who asks how to inherit eternal life and said ‘You must love the LORD your GOD with all your heart and keep the commandments. The young ruler said he had done all this since he was young. Then to point out to him his real character, JESUS looked him in the eyes, loved him and said ‘the one thing you lack is give up all that you have and you will have treasures in heaven and take up your cross and follow ME.’

Although, he was good religious boy who done as he was supposed to, he did not have the character of a giver, or a tither. JESUS wanted to make him a disciple, it doesn’t matter how good you are, for these big jobs that GOD asks of us, the first thing HE wants to know is our character of a giver or a tither. If it is not, HE can’t trust you. In Malachi 3 GOD said to the JEWS who didn’t tithe and didn’t give gifts that they were robbing GOD. In other words, they were a thief and you are not going hand the things that you value the most to a thief.

The rich young ruler thought that JESUS wanted to take all his wealth. JESUS wanted to know his character to entrust him with greater things of the kingdom. JESUS only ever said to his disciples to take up your cross and follow me, that’s was JESUS’ intention to make him a disciple, because the commission of preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom could only be entrusted to the faithful. People prove this by being a tither and giver.

After proving themselves , the disciples were given the great commission of going into all the world and preaching the good news of the kingdom.

The first thing JESUS tested them out in was HE sent them out in twos with no purse or personal finance to trust HIM that GOD will provide financially in every way before HE entrusted them with the big things. The bible says ‘if you are not faithful with the little, how can you be trusted with much’.

The first thing that shows a persons ability for a job in the kingdom, they have to be a faithful tither or giver, after all you are not going to entrust your goods to the thief.

by Senior Pastor Adrian Guest

 2017 - is the year to overcome and conquer... the only way to do this is follow ME JESUS says... so join us as we teach and prepare you to overcome and take back in JESUS name..... 

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